Just a Little Patience…Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh.


Inspirational poster or a GN’R song off of GN’R Lies? Apropos for Qtrax? Of course. We want to thank everyone for their continued patience during the move from beta to our V1.0 launch. I know it’s not easy waiting for free music. Hell, I get testy when I have to wait for a free sample of chicken nuggets at the grocery store on Saturdays. We understand that you’re all hungry for free and legal music downloads. Seriously, we get it.

Without trying to over-fill this post with a bunch of cliché song quotes about how waiting is the hardest part, we want you to understand that we’re working on some last minute updates and upgrades.   We realize that we planned on having launched by now. We’ve been a bit quiet about it too.  We know this sucks.  There’s nothing worse than waiting on the runway and not getting any information from the captain, right?

We’re tweaking. Not as in “been-up-for-72 hours-straight-on-meth-tweaking.” I take that back.  Now that I think of it, it actually it is kind of like that, but without the stimulant. We’re staying up tweaking the site/player. It’s a long laundry list of things we want to get right before we launch. Keep in mind, we’re dealing with a massive influx of third party files. We’re double-checking our triple-checking so that we can get it up and go forward. This is a massive undertaking and it’s very important that we get it as close to perfect as a first-of-it’s-kind-tech launch can be. We anticipate big traffic, we anticipate massive consumer interaction and we anticipate unique advertiser participation. We take all of these aspects seriously as do our partners. There is a lot at stake. Launching for the sake of launching to meet some pre-determined deadline isn’t the goal.

How long is it going to take? That’s a tricky question. We hope that it’s just a couple of more days, but we’ve said that before. Sometimes, when you uncover a tech issue, you need to unravel the whole code. This is a little like rebuilding a piñata after finding a piece of bad candy. It’s doesn’t make sense, but you’re glad you caught the issue. We sincerely hope that you’re all knee deep in free and legal music downloads by the end of the month at the very latest. Keep the faith. After all, you waited 13 years for a new GN’R album and all you got for your trouble (besides a pretty good album) was a stinkin’ can of Dr. Pepper. Or not.  We really hope to do better than that.


29 Responses to “Just a Little Patience…Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh.”

  1. Keep the faith. Sounds vaguely familiar.

    Thanks for the update, it’s truly appreciated here in the Land of Anticipation. So, last minute technical/tweaking issues are the only things keeping QTRAX from going live? All the other ducks are in a row, so to speak?

    We wait, then. My birthday’s on March 30. Should be a good day!

  2. Vaguely? You’re too kind. Yes, it’s the technical tweaking. The legal mumbo-jumbo is set.

  3. David/ddbann Says:

    I am patient especially hoping it comes to canada. Not only do i enjoy listening to music but i teach guitar at a school and at home and would love to turn guitar students to legal free music to play along and learn with.

  4. What kinds of steps have been taken to promote Qtrax? Since high trafic is a key to its success. This, as an investor and user of the system concerns me since, nobody I speak to seem to know what Qtrax is, and almost all of my friends use illegal sites for their music.

    • Without disclosing too much of our marketing plan, let’s just say that initially, we are looking to expand our organic growth through database targeting of our existing database, building through word-of-mouth and creative viral opportunities. This will occur prior to spending massively in the space.

  5. Qtraxer- Would you happen to know anything about the possibility of Iphone “rivals” that will be working with qtrax? The reason I ask is that I have been putting off buying an Iphone. As nice as they are, I have sprint and I am not thrilled about the switch to AT&T. I have been hoping that someone would come out with a phone, just as nice, that will work with Qtrax. Of course, it’s hard to know that until Qtrax actually works. I hate to buy, say, a Samsung Instinct or something if I don’t know if it will work with it. What about Microsoft- might they come out with something that will work with multiple carriers, and Qtrax? Any feedback on that? Would love to have a phone that stores a couple hundred thousand songs on there.

    • Dave,
      Consensus is that this is a good question. I agree. Please don’t let the fact that I’m slow to respond a sign that I’m ignoring you. I’m not the CTO of Qtrax and don’t always have a quick, sound or witty reply to every tech question. I also don’t want to provide bad information. With that being said, your question is taken seriously and hopefully I’ll have a good answer for you soon. As you can imagine, the experts on this issue are buried throat deep working with code, engineers, vendors and all things tech. Know this, however, we have been working with a number of major smartphone providers (manufacturers and providers) to make sure that we have compatibility.

  6. luckybleu Says:


  7. morechocolate Says:

    great question, dave.

    and i second that emotion, luckybleu!

    • morechocolate Says:

      qtraxer – dave’s question is important. speaks for a large consensus and compels a response. thx.

      • Just a quick note on any delays in my responses…

        At times, I don’t have all the answers and it may take a while to get the answer for you. My goal is to respond to comments when appropriate and with factual information. Some of the detailed tech questions take a little more time due to the work load these individuals are under.

        I also don’t sit at my computer 24-7. In fact, like most of the world, I had NCAA pools to fill out and some St. Patty’s Day celebrating to do. Plus I play adult hockey, thunderstick in a garage band and those screenplays ain’t gonna write themselves. Thanks for understanding. I’m not trying to make light of this, or make excuses. However, until we fully launch, this blog is going to be on a somewhat relaxed pace.

        Lastly, sometimes there is no “new” news on a topic. I appreciate the comments and questions. All of you are helping to make Qtrax better. Really, you are.

  8. morechocolate Says:

    qtraxer – meant to say, i like your style. ‘like your effort to be credible even more.

  9. I am also interested, as an investor, as to what kind of promotion and advertising QTrax will have at launch. Nobody I talk to has ever heard of Qtrax either. Are we talking magazine ads, press releases, or just a grass roots word-of-mouth campaign??

    • Same reply as above:

      Without disclosing too much of our marketing plan, let’s just say that initially, we are looking to expand our organic growth through database targeting of our existing database, building through word-of-mouth and creative viral opportunities. This will occur prior to spending massively in the space.

  10. Qtraxer,
    Does the delay have anything to do with the issues songbird 1.1 has been having with transfering and keeping library songs ok certain portable devices? Seems to me that these issues were not discovered until this past Monday after beta testing. If so why would a library which is stored on your pc via the cloud still effect portable devices? Are you guys worried that this could effect your ability to track plays? Thanks in advance.

  11. harrysdog Says:

    Take that – Patience:-) :

    ..I’m feeling your frustration
    Any minute all the pain will stop.

    Vaporware for now though… oh come on just kidding… 🙂

    Seriously over a year ago..In the UK …I could at least download the Qtrax favourites “The Kicks”.. today nothing…

    Just a little more patience…..

  12. nobody answered Dave

  13. harrysdog Says:

    Bored now..

    Were the very first releases of software such as Oracle or Microsoft perfect when they went out the door? (have you seen myspace!)

    Not quite.. they released ,earned revenue and bug fixed new issues when they found them.

    At some point you draw the line and say the product is GA.

    You could fine tune for years.

    How you gonna earn money if you do not release the product with adverts etc ? Maybe you could stick some ads on this blog

    • I totally agree with harrysdog, at some point you are going to have to launch this and see what happens. Also if Qtrax just launched in the US at first, and it being a great product, it could advertise its’ self thus drawing in demand and investors from around the world after they can prove that they can do it and that the product works.

    • Harrysdog,
      This is exactly what will happen. It’s not going to be perfect when we roll out, but it does need to be fully functioning. In fact, the soft launch may only happen in the US with a global launch on it’s heels. I know this isn’t what my UK and Canadian brethren want to hear. Some of these issues are tech related, others are not.

  14. luckybleu Says:

    Qtrax is correct in taking this approach ,get everything ready ,everything finetuned to support this model as they have envisioned,launch prematurely without everything in place and they end up like the frog, the wating sucks but its for the best, we’ve waited years , to close now to launch without having every peice of this puzzle in place.

  15. Thanks for your efforts, qtraxer. Do you have any concerns about Spiralfrog’s collapse? I know qtrax plans to be much better, but people are pretty critical of Spiralfrog’s model, and the fact that they didn’t have a complete catalog upon launch. I’m sure, and I hope you all have learned from the failures of these other businesses! Our fingers are crossed!

    • see next post in a few minutes

    • morechocolate Says:

      qtraxer – ‘musta blinked. clicked on a googalert link yesterday re your s-frog post and got an error message. heard it was good.

      imo can’t compare s-frog to Qtrax. s-frog was a half-baked version – forever to download, only 2 labels on board, deals weren’t global, etc.

      s-frog was no benchmark for Qtrax’ model and revenue potential. some of these digital music-marketing-whatever blogmavens saying s-frog’s death is reason for skepticism of Qtrax are using very fuzzy math.

      • Schneider Says:


        Can you let us in why the post was removed so quickly?

        Did not seem like there was anything too viscious on there? Liked the picture of the frog. ha

      • Totally agree on the fuzzy math. That was kind of the gist of the now infamous “draft that somehow got posted, despite our better judgment and was quickly taken down.” Sometimes, things should just go quietly. Tree falling in the forest kind of thing.

  16. seankonnery Says:

    I thought s-frog drowning was a precursor to Qtrax emerging.

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