A Quick One

This will be just a real short post.  There is still nothing too new to report on the launch front.  We’re getting closer and closer.  Thanks for hanging in.

I went to an Atmosphere and Brother Ali show a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t know if the rest of the world appreciates the underground hip hop scene that has emerged out of the Rhymesayers label and the Twin Cities, but if you’re not paying attention, you’re totally missing out.   Going beyond Atmosphere and Brother Ali, you must check out P.O.S, Doomtree and Cecil Otter.  In my opinion, this is the most talented music movement happening in the country right now.  Has been for a while.

One item that was really interesting durning the show was a couple of comments made by rappers Slug and Brother Ali.  Sean (aka Slug) of Atmosphere told the crowd that it was cool if they were recording the show on their phone or whatever.  He emplored the audience to not post it up on Youtube.  “Those are your memories.  Show that shit to your girlfriend or little brother or something, but don’t post it up on Youtube.  Make all of them (Youtubers) get their own memories.”

Brother Ali added, “yeah, store this in the SIM card in your head.”

These are also guys who release music for free online from time to time.  They play all ages shows.  They show up at record stores and talk to fans.  They hand out fliers on their own at other hip hop shows.  I’ve been to a few of their shows now, and they have always appreciated their fans.  They are always thanking the fans for letting them do what they do and coming out to support them.  I don’t get this kind of customer service at my bank.  No wonder I’m more loyal to these guys.

Slug and Ali

Slug and Ali


19 Responses to “A Quick One”

  1. We’ll give you a little rest, Qtraxer- go watch some hoops!

  2. morechocolate Says:

    sounds like you’re up there near lake wobegon country. probably out on the lake in your ice fishing hut bloggin away and waitin for dinner to grab your line.

  3. If the real estate mantra is “location, location, location”, then the mantra for .coms might be “timing, timing, timing”, imo. The link to the Wired article below shows how the music biz and internet are ripe for the debut of QTRAX. There might be other start-ups coming, but they’ll still be on the platform long after the QTrain has left the station.


  4. seankonnery Says:

    How much longer now?

  5. Hey Qtraxer your Twitter link is not working. Thought I’d let you know. Also are we days or weeks away from launch?

    • Should be back up now. New Twitter name is now Qtrax, not Qtraxer. Thanks to the nice person who gave us the name back. You know who you are. Oh, and it should be days for US launch of v1.0.

  6. Qtraxer, what are your thoughts on the amount of criticism of the ad-supported model? There seem to be so many that say that the numbers simply don’t add up. I realize you guys plan to offer other services, etc.. but are you confident that visual ads can bring in the revenue that you need to do what SF could not do? Just wondering how much knowledge you have in this area.

    • You can criticize the ad-supported model all you want. Truth is, there are successes and failures in each and every media or content medium. If ad-supported didn’t work, how would any online site make money? How would yahoo or collegehumor survive? Someone will make this a reality. The consumers will decide who succeeds and who doesn’t. We’re doing our darn-tootenest to make sure it’s us. Yet as we all know, the RIAA, labels, publishers and artists also have a lot at stake. If we can build traffic, I have all the faith in the world in the ad-supported model. Criticizing this medium is flat out lazy.

  7. luckybleu Says:

    I want to go to a hootinnanny

    • morechocolate Says:

      that’d be “hootenanny,” son. download some new christy minstrels and hoyt axton over at the big Q. then watch “a mighty wind.” pretend it’s ’63 all over again. cool.

      • That would be a Hootenanny. I have so many Replacements stories that it’s borderline obsessive. Plus, Westerberg lives in the neighborhood. Not trying to name drop or nothing, but I still find it cool as hell.

  8. do I understand that we may have a count down commencing this evening for a soft launch?

    • I can’t comment. Written here under “comments.” Oh the irony.

      • If this launch gets any softer, I’m gonna put my head on it and go to sleep.

      • Double-post referencing is not allowed on this blog monsieur chocolat, but that is too funny bigaboy. Technically, it’s being called a US only preview. No one likes anything soft, really… do they? Except a pillow.

        Now I’m guilty of double-post referencing. OK, it’s allowed.

      • seankonnery Says:

        So when are we actually taking off in US and why the delay again?

  9. morechocolate Says:

    that’s funny, bigaboy. that i had the sense of humor left about this to think so is “irony.”

  10. Well than let’s hope that today brings plenty of sunshine, smiles and clear sailing 🙂

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