Our first order of business is to say to everyone, “Thanks for being so patient.” There, we got that out of the way. Ok, ok, we owe you one more, “thanks again.”

To the rest of you around the globe that are still patiently waiting for your massive supply of free and legal music downloads, please take this USA preview of Qtrax v1.0 as a good sign. Yours is coming.

The coolest thing about finally getting this puppy up and running is the music. This is what it’s been all about from the get-go. We’re still ingesting some of the music, which is why you’ll still see “coming soon” next to a number of tracks, but let’s be real people—there is a boatload of music for you to download and enjoy. One stop on your musical journey might be a search of box sets. I stumbled on the Police’s complete box set, Message In a Box. Unless you have a jet-fueled turbo coffee maker, I bet you can download all 78 tracks on Qtrax before you can brew a pot of coffee. Go ahead, get all caffeinated up and get your Police on.

I’m not going to discuss all the features of the site for a while. We encourage everyone to take it for a test drive and tell us what you like and what you don’t like. We realize that there is still plenty of tweaking to do, but as many of our faithful followers have aptly noted, you got to start somewhere. You’ll note that there is a very seamless transition for previous beta users. This converts all your files and updates the player. All you need to do is download the v1.0 from the site ( and it will convert it for you. Also being discussed heavily on the tech message boards is the speed of the site. It’s fast. “Lighting quick” to quote a couple of users. In the Beta version there was a status bar that monitored the progress of the download, this is currently missing but will return soon. However, fear not your download will happen regardless just go to your library and your song will be there ready to play. It’s that fast, almost immediate if you’ve got a good high speed connection.

Lastly, you may have also noticed that, unlike previous attempts at going live, we’ve left out the fanfare. Don’t take it that we’re not jacked up about what we’ve go going on. Keep in mind, that this is a preview available only in the USA. We welcome your comments and feedback. We’ll make a much bigger splash when we’ve ironed out the rough spots, start to roll it out globally and add portability. So, for now, you can download to your desktop all you want, and no one’s going to call the Police. Except maybe you.

Oh, and thanks again for your patience.



4 Responses to “Preview”

  1. luckybleu Says:


  2. bigaboy Says:

    Wicked fast!

  3. Why can’t I login? I click login at the top, the username/pass popup shows up, I fill in everything, then the login button does nothing. The cancel button works, but not login. WTF!?

    • Qtraxer Says:

      Bruno, sorry for the delay. Please check with the tech support on It’s not my forte and that’s the best spot for all your tech questions.

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