Sound of Silver

When I first started writing this blog, I was thinking that it would be a cool music outlet with an unlimited supply of content from the Qtrax library. Both are not totally realized. Not only am I less prolific than I had hoped, but alas, Qtrax is still a work in progress. It seems as if the majority of readers are looking for information on Qtrax “the company” and are less interested in the actual music on the site. That’s cool, I’ll take any readers I can get. They go hand in hand, I’ve come to realize. Until Qtrax is fully up and running beyond it’s US preview, we’re forever going to be stuck answering questions from all over the globe as to when, why, where and how. The tricky balancing act in the whole equation is trying to be a good communicator without giving away any insider information which would make partners upset or SEC watchdogs cry foul. Most importantly, we are concerned about consumers. We hear all of you loud and clear. You want it all, and you want it now.

In today’s digital get-it-now world it’s acceptable to demand the things you want. In fact, we like it that way. In the long run it will serve to our advantage. I’ve only got 2,500 or so songs downloaded from Qtrax at the moment, but for some reason, that’s not nearly enough. I want the new Green Day, um, yesterday dammit! I’m like you guys. I’m trying to be patient. It’s hard since we all feel that we should have it all by now. As I’ve been reminded several times, it’s better to under-promise and over-deliver. It’s to the point now that’s there seems to be a line drawn in the sand among those watching Qtrax. There are believers who will support us until it happens regardless of delays. There are non-believers who will take every opportunity to rip us regardless of progress. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like it’s about music too much anymore. I’m going to try and change that. I’m going to keep writing about the cool stuff you can get on Qtrax. I’m sorry if that’s going to upset people who are stuck without it at the moment or expect some sort of insider commentary regarding our deadlines and software upgrades. No disrespect, but that’s what’s fun to write about. I’ll still defend our product where appropriate, but I’m not going to rip on people for the sake of providing copy. I’ll leave that to the non-believers. I’ll also do my best to let everyone in on what’s happening on the tech side, but sometimes I can’t discuss it or don’t have anything new to report.

Back to the music. LCD Soundsystem’s 2007 album, Sound of Silver is one of those albums which hits you like a change of seasons. You sort of notice it at first, but soon enough, you’ve put away the umbrella and next thing you know, you need some aloe for your sunburn. As a late 80s college music junkie, I am enamored by James Murphy’s introspective sophomore album, but I nearly overlooked it all together. It sort of had that, “I’ve heard this before” sound which borrowed from Pavement, The Shins and some Smiths. What I’ve come to realize is that it’s a totally unique teleportation. There are many similarities to the late 80s and today. The economy, the job market and a war in the Middle East. LCD Soundsystem breaks bread with a bygone era, but provides a very forward soundtrack to the here and now. It’s a must have for any music library and less than a minute away on Qtrax.


5 Responses to “Sound of Silver”

  1. When are you launching?

    J/K. I appreciate where you are coming from. And I think that once Qtrax is launched, you will feel the results of your hard work. I’m sure you understand, too, that people are just anxious because it’s been so long and we haven’t heard anything… I am a believer, and am very hopeful, and will definitely download a ton more and care much more about the music once I can download the music and take it with me- I just have little interest in spending too much time and effort downloading 5000 songs that will just sit on my computer, without knowing it my time and efforts will bring me a little more than that. Thanks for the info you have given us!

  2. bigaboy Says:

    Unfortunately that’s what happens when the the guy who should be merely reporting on the war gets put in as the point man. You’re charting undiscovered territory and then get caught between the hostiles and friendly fire. The generals need to assign a cigar-chomping point man and let the reporter get back to what he does best.

    Apologies for the flak.

  3. luckybleu Says:

    Why not have a link on the player somewhere that directs the people who are actually downloading the music ,to talk about the music,unless you have a google alert set on qtrax you wouldn’t know this blog exists.
    Don’t sell yourself short ,well written stuff

  4. Qtraxer Says:

    Thanks for the props. I’ve been working on that link as well. Shows you how much pull I have. Ha.

  5. harrysdog Says:

    Rather listen to “The Smiths” themselves.. unfortunately not available from Qtrax for playing on your online computer… yah see I’m talking about the music..

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