Silent Treatment

Not everyone...just the blogger.

Not everyone...just the blogger.

Qtrax Nation…

I’m going fishing and golfing this weekend. And by weekend, I mean, in a couple of hours. I’m already getting plenty of grief from the home front for extending our annual fishing and golf extravaganza (Mancation) by a couple of days this year, so no need to pile on. The bosses are all working hard on your behalf, traveling the globe in search of making Qtrax the greatest thing since sliced bread, udon noodles, Vegemite, wurstel or whatever is the ideal food in the country they are in. I’m sure this will get all of your creative juices flowing and provide topic fodder for your amusement. Have at it.

Anyway, when you’re done with all of that and you still don’t know what to do, go download the mother load of Sonic Youth on Qtrax and listen to it all weekend while I’m slaying fish and sinking birdies. It’s the least you can do. I’ll come back refreshed and full of interesting metaphors regarding man sports and digital music. Oh, and don’t tell the bosses.


39 Responses to “Silent Treatment”

  1. Germboy Says:

    So were the fish biting? I hope you landed the BIG one or at least a few small ones. I hear those european fish are hard to land…

  2. harrysdog Says:

    That joke isnt funny anymore…
    -The Smiths..

    (not available on qtrax)

  3. “Are we still on for may?” – The Faithful Blues Band

    “You would tell me wouldn’t you? – also by The Faithful Blues Band

  4. are we back to moderation?

  5. jtomkinson235 Says:

    WOW long mancation! You get set adrift?

  6. bigaboy Says:


    It been 10 days, 10 DAYS! since your last blog. Your Mother is worried sick! The least you could’ve done was called home so we know you’re not lying in a ditch somewhere…

    You’re SO grounded!

  7. “are we still on for may” -The Faithful Blues Band

  8. jtomkinson235 Says:

    Does Qtrax ever intend to offer music video streams in the future?

  9. rivers11 Says:

    where are you qtraxer???

  10. bigaboy Says:

    To blog, or not to blog: that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of disgruntled Longs…

  11. I think Qtraxer is fed up with making up excuses for this company. They probably don’t pay him enough to take the embarrassment of once again not complying with their’ word.

  12. bigaboy Says:

    Qtraxer was just spotted on I-40, heading west towards Albuquerque, two weeks unshaven, hitch-hiking with nothing but a couple of dead trout and a laptop in tow. Looked like he was on the run. But from who? Maybe one of the rest stops will have wi-fi…

  13. Qtraxer Says:

    What the…what the hell day is it? Where am I? When did I grow a beard? Where did this police tape come from? Who are these women? Where’s my fishing gear? My golf clubs?

    OK, you got me. My hiatus did get a bit extended. In following your comments, some of you are right on. Some of you are laughably wrong. You can decide which (but true…my mother was worried). There will be more coming, probably in the next couple of weeks. Go with the old adage, no news is good news–until you hear otherwise. I know that won’t quench some of your insatiable thirst for Qtrax info, but it’s all I got for now.

    • that’s funny . I like the humor dude

    • When you say no news is good news, are you referring to lawsuits or an all out bankruptcy SF styles? Must be that, cause I can’t see what other bad news you got for us. If you dangle a carrot in front of a horses head long enough, eventually he’ll give up hope, and start sneaking on to your’ property at night and taking dumps. Or something like that. And how about this portability thing, I heard all it was was a switch. Seeing as you seem to be the man to ask, could you tell us a bit about the complexities of going portable. May as well talk about relevant things, and not this we got fresh carrots stuff

  14. I am not an investor, but I sure hope Qtrax rolls by Sept. with portability. imeem and deezer already have streaming as well as many others, its the portibility i crave

  15. luckybleu Says:

    qtraxer ,block that morons ip address ,you control whats posted here nobody wants to see that bs here,its all about the music , sorry for the mangina crack

  16. Qtraxer Says:

    It’s an open forum, which allows people to write what they want within reason. I can’t find the subtle insults, although you’re right about one thing: I don’t like admitting that I’m an idiot.

  17. bigaboy, sometimes your’ jokes are so out there I miss. Must be that west coast east coast thing. But I like it.

    • bigaboy Says:

      I know, and I’m not gonna quit my day job…

      The line is from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Appropriate, no? Just trying to keep it a little light while the insanity slowly creeps in over here.

      But thanks, just the same.

  18. Good post, glad it didn’t get lost. I think lucky is starting to feel the wrath of fascism in his own country, and lashes out from desperation.

  19. Germboy Says:

    Since this IS a music blog, I will talk about the music. I just caught the Doves live in concert a few nights ago, it was a great performance by a group of guys who love to play music, I highly recommend to see this group live if you get the chance, it was well worth it. And by the way almost their full catalog is available on Qtrax

    • The Doves? Also known as “Thrashing Doves”? Or “Doves”? Two different bands… just wondering- both from England…

      • Germboy Says:

        Doves, its a tough call for me but I do think Kingdom of Rust is their best yet

  20. Qtraxer, any thoughts on this?

    • Qtraxer Says:

      Don’t believe everything you read on a blog. It’s not journalism. It’s not fact checked. Quotes from investors are simply opinions, positive or negative. Anyone who tries to pass of a story like that has to have their own agenda or history examined.

      By the way everyone, I’m back on the beach. I’d be writing more if I had some more news for everyone. I don’t. Oh…and I dig the Doves. Good call.

      • Curious Says:

        “Don’t believe everything you read on a blog. It’s not journalism. It’s not fact checked.”

        Irony, eh?

        “Anyone who tries to pass of a story like that has to have their own agenda or history examined.”

        Heard of the term “fallacy”? You may want to look up its meaning.

      • Qtraxer Says:

        I remember that term from my 10th grade Debate class and yes, it applies to the article quite well.

        BTW: I’m well aware of the irony. In fact, it was intended that way. You should’ve seen the snicker on my face when I wrote it. Real journalism also doesn’t allow for so many typos (note irony again) either.

  21. bigaboy Says:

    Qtraxer – por que el silencio?

    Is the new blog announced yesterday going to replace, or be in addition to this one? Music fans here, screaming investors on the other? Do tell.

    • Qtraxer Says:

      I believe the goal is to have one blog, one voice. This blog was originally set up to discuss the merits of Qtrax and the music on the site. It was also to provide information as we moved through our launch phases. As things got into a perpetual holding pattern, there became less to report, to a smaller group of people. That’s fine. We’re happy to report what’s going on, and even retort some misinformation out there. June 22nd is just around the corner. I guess we’ll all see what happens.

  22. qtraxer, do you think this time around Qtrax will launch on the dates they announced on the recent update? Is the launch secured, or is it pending funding? I figure if they are going to mention funding on the qtrax site, then there’s no reason why we can’t talk about it . TKS

  23. Norberto Feliberty Says:

    The Qtrax service seems to be down at the moment. I cannot search for music or og in. When I open the qtrax application, I get this message

    Oops!! An error occurred while fetching the required resource. System Administrator has been notified.

    Thanks for your patience

    I do believe that generally all of the music will be available on qtrax eventually. However, I don’t see how qtrax will be able to pull off the whole thing off letting users download unlimited free music for an extended period of time. If qtrax can survive for 2 years, I think that would be awesome. They would have done better than their competitor who has gone under. While I do believe that generally all hte music will eventually be available for download, I think we my have to pay some sort of fee wether it be a monthly fee or a one time fee for transfering the music to portable devices. Another issue that faces qtrax is that the music is not compatable with ipods. Unless people ditch ipods and start getting DRM enabled mp3 players, I don’t see how qtrax will make it unless they develop something that will make the music compatable with ipods. Reguardless of what happens, i personally find it entertaining and interesting to follow qtrax.

  24. Qtraxer, what’s going on with the Corporate Update? It’s gone from the splash page. I went to check on some dates they had mentioned, and they replaced it! What’s the story? Thanks.

  25. bigaboy Says:

    With just a day or two to go before the “new” blog is launched, we’re curious. Are you still going to be the Blogger of Record, or are they bringing in a relief blogger who’ll get all the credit now that you’ve softened us up? It’d be a shame if they did. Seems like just yesterday that you came up to the Show. We’re rootin’ for ya!

    • Qtraxer Says:

      We’ll see. I haven’t been told otherwise. I mean c’mon…could anyone Qtrax blog better than me? You get sporadic posts, misinformation and a bit of baditude.

      My guess is that even though the site mentions a blog starting early in July, there are still some bigger fish to fry until the 1.1 launch date. I do think the next phase of daily communication and news from us will be coming from the site itself, rather than a separate blog.

  26. the site says june 27th or before for the new blog. Not sure where you got early july. Talk about misinformation.

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