More on the way

Ahhhh patience…life’s wonderfully difficult attribute. Allan Klepfisz wanted me to share to you all that he’s writing another update. It should be up soon.



11 Responses to “More on the way”

  1. PKpower Says:

    Thanks Qtraxer! Loking forward to AK’s update.

    Remember, you’ll never please them all no matter what the update says…

  2. morechocolate Says:

    TO: A. K. aka BLLN-1

    Millions of minions are waiting for an accurate-specific update from you on the critical topics.

    1. ORACLE: Paid?

    Can’t blame you for not mentioning it in your message. Also can’t buy the notion you were “blindsided” by it (doesn’t work that way).

    2. FUNDING: Completed/received? Or reneged?

    You implied it was a done-deal.

    3. LAUNCH: Confirmed date?

    Please provided any other confirmed launch info – countries, roll-out schedule, etc.

    I appreciated your comments in your post pertaining to “family” – yours, Kent’s, Ford’s. Well, I have one too. And since I’ve been a Qtrax believer and an AVDI/BLLN stakeholder for 7-plus years I sincerely hope you think I deserve some straight talk from you on exactly what I can expect. I trust that’s what you’re planning to post today.

  3. morechocolate Says:

    BLLN-1: p.s.

    As you’re putting the final touches on your update remember the old Aussie saying –

    “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.”

    Anticipating your post and hoping for the best of course – but, prepared for… well, anything.

    (Okay, so maybe it’s an old Irish or Yiddish saying.)

  4. Mr. klepfisz,
    please give the people the update, when all things are ready….

    After the MEGA LAUNCH will nobody be able to say anything against


  5. its not like i have money invested but i am getting a little tired of waiting.
    its an embarressmanet to be a qtrax supporter

    • ddbann was a long time supporter, but not invested. Because of that he is speaking from his heart, not his pocket book. I don’t blame him, the carrot dangling continues on a daily basis. We were supposed to get an update last week, then it got moved to monday, then it got moved to monday after midnight. I could be wrong, but I think today is tuesday. Let me guess, anytime after monday at midnight, means anytime? Really rockin’ the credibility

  6. chances are they told someone to tell someone to tell the board. That’s how it works. Buy they (Ak) did say we would get an update last week. Never happened. how do you argue that one?

  7. I really have nothing to say about Qtrax (I’m indifferent to them), other than I find it funny that WordPress suggested “Of Hope and Despair” as a related blog entry to this one. I wonder how their algorithm works for determining that sort of thing. 🙂

  8. motoroller Says:

    “soon” is a very moveable feast in this stock in case you didn’t know. A lot of people thought it was soon 7 years ago, not just 7 hours ago.

  9. Let’s get a couple big names behind this not just in namesake but with their checkbooks and marketing power. Look what 50 cent did for Vitamin Water and what Russel Simmons has done for multiple companies. I am not questioning the passion or desire of the Leadership but we all have a seat on the bus and it may not be the same at the end of a journy as it is at the begining. Lets go from “Good to Great”!

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