The Costs of Higher Education

"He so downloaded like six Daughtry songs."
There will probably be more from Allan shortly (hmmm…that seems vague). In the meantime (which is a good song by Spacehog–go ahead, indulge: Song/video), I’ll post this short note on the heels of another massive verdict in the ongoing litigation against illegal file sharing. Here’s the quick story taken from Ars Technica:

After just 3 hours of deliberation, the jury in the RIAA vs. Joel Tenebaum has ordered the student to pay $675,000 in damages or $22,500 for each of the 30 songs that he downloaded.

When asked about the size verdict, Tenenbaum’s attorney and Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson told Ars that “it’s a bankrupting award.” Nesson believed that the outcome might have been different if he had been allowed to argue Fair Use. “We were not allowed to speak to fairness,” he told Ars. “I thought we had pretty damn good arguments on Fair Use.”

Tenebaum said that we would probably declare bankrupcy if the award were not overturned.

Combine this with the $1 million + verdict against the single mom from Minnesota and it’s pretty easy to see who has got both the law and the powerful lawyers on their side. Joel got some Harvard law professor to represent him. Please. Lord, what fools these mortals be.(B.S.)

Yet in this brave new world of internet bravado, a mere public flogging or two (although well within their rights) is not going to endear the record industry to it’s consumers nor is it going to derail the juggernaut that is illegal file sharing. So what’s the point? IMO it’s to prove a point. A point that has dogged the record industry for the past 10 years. One that’s been been challenged by a new distribution method and a generation of users who assume music is free. It’s not. Not quite yet anyway.

Here’s my advice to anyone who gets a file sharing ticket while speeding around the internet. Pay it. Going to court is a bad idea.

On another note, here’s a link to one of the funniest articles I’ve read in a long time. This came out last week, but it should be added to the dictionary as the example listed under “irony.” Enjoy: Limewire Pizza Party.


12 Responses to “The Costs of Higher Education”

  1. Norberto Says:

    I really can’t say anything against AK because the service did work at one point for users in the US. The effort was there and wether or not it is still there remians to be seen. Up until June 16th, music was being added more or less on a weekly basis. It has been over a month now since any new music has been added however.

  2. My daughter, a junior at University, excitedly told me about an album she downloaded recently. I asked her where she got it and she told me The Pirate Bay. Sigh… After discussing with her the ethics of stealing music, and she agreed in principle, I realized that I can’t really talk to her about Qtrax as an alternative. Why would I? For all we know it could be days, weeks or even months away. Even possibly never, you would at least have to consider that.

    She’s not going to pay iTunes for it, ever. Not her or tens-of-millions of others. We need Qtrax up NOW. Spotify maight be the media darling, but has drawbacks. Kids don’t want to pay ANYTHING. Period.

  3. I am with you on this dogcat.. almost. despite his lack of integrity, I don’t think ak is out to screw anybody. my feeling and hope is he has a very unorthodox way of working. somewhere between sloppy and it’s my way or the highway.

    sometimes it works flying by the seat of your pants. guess we will find out soon enough.

    trying hard to keep the faith x)

  4. Qtraxer,
    Your board needs a giant enema. No one would argue against the exchange of thoughts and ideas, and the passing of (responsible) information about anything related to the stock, its board, or the music scene in general, positive or negative. But this?

    I for one wouldn’t mind you grabbing a giant dose of Ex-Lax and purging some of waste matter posted recently. You don’t let dogs crap in your house, do you?

  5. luckybleu Says:

    I can definately see somebody needs to take the high road in this “discussion”.To bad it isn’t going to be me.
    Dogcrap,a sniveling little peice of dogcrap you very well may be,but I know you are not retarded enough to believe that the CEO of Qtrax was investing in penny stocks and posting on an investment board.Only on this did I feel the need to comment.
    Intodix,To debate any furthur on the imbecillity of your post would be redundant.Anyone who is not insane would of understood that your post came from someone who had a seriously deficent brain.My hope was that you were joking and gave you an out to play off your stupidity.You didn’t take it.
    In my country,the only place I know where its acceptable practice to ask another man to blow you is in a mens room off I-95.Otherwise them are fighting words ,so who was being the internet tough guy?
    I was giving you a good out to explain away your stupidity.As far as your offer, I thought I was being nice by giving sis and mumsy first dibs.
    Guess I was wrong.It just dosen’y pay to try and be nice sometimes.

  6. The purpose of this blog was to bring information relating to Qtrax and music to new users and potential investors Sharing information that could influence individuals to invest in BLNN is only an off shoot of what we are really hear for….it has been great to hear from Allen, not to many CEOs of corporations, much less penny stocks, post updates to investors….it was not to long ago when we were not hearing anything other than what was posted on the boards from the rumor mill…and now people are expecting a minute-by-minute breakdown of what AK and his management team are working on o….which by the way is used primarily for the purpose of whether to hold, buy or sell their stock position.

    I can not believe for one second that someone would be ignorant to think that Allen would buy and sell blln or any other penny stock to fund his operation…nor can I believe that anyone is stupid enough to think that Allen would have time to be a board moderator on iHub and post under and alias….WOW that does top the chart with one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read on any board from an investor….

    The Internet has offer many a place to show their stupidity and ignorance…how very unfortunate for the rest of us who only wish to use this medium as a means to communication useful information without the need to have to sift through the gross language and inexcusable childish insults…How do these same people share their thoughts and feelings in real day-to-day contact with people on the street…if they do it in the same way as here…i wonder how they’ve lived to be so old…..

    Allen is working on an update to this blog over the weekend and with any luck we will hear from him on Monday. AK and management have had a very busy week with little or no time to share much of what has been going on…so the blog will be something to look forward to….unfortunately it will only give some reason to bash him, pick apart and ridicule what ever information AK shares with us. I don’t understand why the guy would even want to spend the time sharing with us when so many don’t appreciate his time, insight or honesty….. go figure!

  7. AVDI…..I agree completley with you…..

    Thank you for this message……

    I hope the stupid people will leave this BLOG…..

  8. AVDI,

    Thanks fof restoring some common sense.

  9. It has come to my attention that there are individuals of influence and/or the potential to have a business relationship with blln/qtrax who after reading some of the garbage posted by the unfaithful, unkind and totally tactless posters, may have now placed concern on whether to consider that business relationship or not….Several here have stated that one never knows who might be visiting our blog reading and questioning much of what is being posted by it members….Please do not get me wrong… even Allen stated having a difference of opinions is fine and appreciates the bantering when it is constructive not destructive….but when lies are perpetrated for no other reason than to slander the character of another person and/or company..then the line has been crossed….we do not have a blog moderator and thus what is written will stay for all to read, regardless of the damage it may be causing…i disagree with this completely…. there is a time for such censorship…especially when bold face lies are the motives and agenda for several who post here….they bring nothing constructive to this board and yet they fill pages with nothing but their nonsense and meaningless garbage…foul language….insulting verbiage….and yes complete lies…they are not embarrassed..they feel no shame…they hide behind the ambiguity of their alias and the Internet…they would not dare say it to your face on the street…they are spineless and therefore feel they are wielding some kind of sword here on our board.

    I think it was a mistake for Allen to present his thoughts to this board it may very well have compromised relationships that he has worked so hard to develop….relationship which would directly or indirectly help with the success of Qtrax…..We can only hope that those who have been here and read this or any of the qtrax blogs understand and can sift through all the BS and non-relevant responses.

    We may or may not hear from Allen again…hopefully Monday we will…personally, I would not blame Allen one bit for taking the high road out of here…no one deserves the slanderous comments and meaningless bashing which has been directed towards him this week…unfortunately we who appreciate Allen, the entire qtrax team and the updates are the ones who would suffer from his departure…the scum who are posting their BS here will move on and find another board to ruin.

  10. Norberto Says:

    Just FYI, the qtrax web site is undergoing what I would ay major upgrades/updates. The site is not completely down but on the site there is a message saying that new changes are being rolled out.

    • here once again you are speculating on why the site is down….in months past when the qtrax site has been down it was usually for software upgrades or music uploads or just tweaking the beta site…but oh no let’s stir the pot with absolutely no facts to base your negative theories on.

      dogcat all you do is throw out one negative thought after another….you are angry and your posts reflect it…..i don’t just mean at Allen and BLLN…. I mean at the world…you have no idea how many $$$$ many of us have invested in blln and how badly we want to see Allen succeed….but i knew that coming into the picture with my eyes wide open….your source has dried up and therefore you are constantly and relentless spewing negative crap with 99% of it speculation… try and put a negative spin on everything that Allen either says or what he does not say… always find a negative thought and then continue with it for days and days…there are many aspects of the business plan that i have concerns with but i am willing to wait patiently to see how things will ultimately play out…..but constantly badgering us with the “run run the sky is falling” campaign is getting very old….we can only wait until developments unfold to see if Allen and Qtrax are able to make it work…if i ever become as miserable as you ….either put a gun to my head and pull the trigger…or I hope that I sell and move on..

      what price do you have to have to break even…let me know and i will start working on the finance package to buy you out so that the rest of us can have some peace and quiet….i am tired of listening to you day-in and day-out…please i am dead serious let me know the number…i may not have to make any phone calls to raise the money…if it is what i think it is i should have enough here at home to take care of it.

  11. The site is back up

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