A Comment About Comments

We at Qtrax encourage a healthy discussion on the state of our business and digital music in general. We realize that many people are left to make assumptions and fill in their own blanks when information is limited. That’s cool and expected. However, using this forum to flat out “make shit up” is not healthy for anyone. We’ve been open and honest about what’s going on, and realize that people expect more communication and want Qtrax up and running now. So do we, trust us. We’ve let the open forum thing run it’s course hoping that supporters and detractors alike could share in a constructive discourse. Obviously, things are now out of control and I’m shutting down the ability for anyone to post comments (good or bad) immediately. From now on, I’m going to moderate the discussion. And I’ll take my sweet time doing it too, so don’t expect me to be getting all jumpy whenever you send a new comment for my approval. I’ll get to it when I get to it. Sadly, this could have gone the other way and I really don’t look forward to moderating a comment board that has become somewhat like the cheerleaders versus the burnouts at my high school back in the day.



20 Responses to “A Comment About Comments”

  1. should never have come to this….but i agree intervention is needed and at this point in the game moderation is the only solution for keeping the integrity of this board.

  2. I agree. It should not have come to this, but the accusations and crazy statements were not helping anyone–no matter your opinion. I will try and be fair about what gets posted, but there are other forums for investors to discuss their investments that go unregulated.

  3. Ignorance is bliss; negativity is witness to a sick mind (and leads to a downward spiral); constructive criticism is excellent and relevant BUT the latter must be driven by facts and not BS. I believe we know all too well who lives in such a dark space as he is such a loser that there is no light remaining.

  4. hi Qtraxer, I just wanted to say I love you!

  5. I agree also with you qtraxer….
    ….But i hope Mr. klepfisz goes on with the informations.
    Everyvere there are people are a little bit stupid…
    ….QTRAX go your way and show all the people.to shut up their mouth…
    QTRAX is the one only with this WEBSIDE of free an legal downloading MUSIC

  6. I for one am really appreciating the summer time. It’s so nice to be at one with the seasons. Even better I predict by fall we will all be listening to some really sweet free music.

  7. harrysdog Says:

    Not been around much. Been on my hols in the US…lots of long drives…iPod has been a godsend.
    On the long drives…the dreaded moan from the kids is “Are we nearly there yet”.. guess i could ask you guys the same…

  8. I understand that china is presenting some very promising and exciting possibilities…Allen, the loyal and faithful are behind you 100% …we are hoping to hear an update and news as soon as you can provide us with something solid and executable…in the mean time keep plugging away.

  9. QtraxFanster Says:

    This is really not the way Internet discussion boards are run in the current environment. As soon as you start moderating the discussion you are dictating the terms of the forum. This is exactly what’s wrong with Qtrax and why it’s not been successful. Read any social media blog and you’ll see this is the wrong strategy.

    Dave, surely you are smarter than this boneheaded move.

    • I would like to think that we’re all smarter than this, but we’re not. There are some unique circumstances in this whole scenario which, although not originally desired, lend itself better to moderation. Blogs and launching a business can both be tricky, yet they run counter to one another when sensitive information, fact and fiction collide in the blogosphere. Like Trekkers showing up at a Star Wars convention, you’d think it would be cool, but that Wookie’s gonna whup on someone eventually.

      That last line officially made no sense, but it was fun to write.

      • That Wookie scat is all over the place. Big piles of it. Must be eating too many carrots…

  10. news may be coming as early as next week…great things are starting to come together….keep the faith my friends…life is going to very exciting from this point forward……great job AK..:-)

    P.S. if you are not on board soon…well… the train is about to leave the station….all aboard:-) 🙂 :-))))))))

    • Thanks Avdi. In light of today’s PR it looks like you had a good pulse on what was coming down the line. Looking forward to more announcements…

  11. The news is here!

    Launch in Asia on 29 October…the US, Canada, and the UK by the end of the year!


  12. Thanks for the real PR, hopefully it is the first of many. Now a PR on Funding that would be huge, on multiple levels. Come on I know you got it in you.

  13. What will it take to quiet down cnet and other clowns? Can we just settle these guys down already? Let’s get some massive PR going!

    • My suggestion is to let the journalist know what you think of his “reporting” in his own forum. Call a spade a spade. Personally, I don’t know how his bosses put up with his agenda and non-story manufacturing. C’mon, seriously? An internet start-up with a bounced check is newsworthy? Will he fairly write about every other large check from Qtrax that clears? There’s a story there, right? Please!

  14. CNET is irrelevant; a rehash. What a pathetic journalist, buying into a “plant” from a complete loser-the world knows who he is. Notice two things: 1. only three comments two of which were duplicates and 2. he never discloses that CNET owns Last FM, a competitor to QTRAX. As a journalist would that not be man-

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