The Deal

Let me be succinct- or at least, a little more so than usual- because we’ve got a few things on our plate.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Whether it be favorable, unfavorable, mild or strident. And people can be innocently wrong in their opinions. They can make mistakes about information. It happens. Take the article about Baidu not linking to us, not creating traffic for us. An IDG story in PC world & other IT publications. The journalist in question and his admirable editor, allowed themselves to be exposed to the full facts and re-issued the story. I thank them. For their professionalism.

We get lots of criticism, as can rightfully be expected for a business that takes so long to establish. (I personally, no doubt deservedly, get more than a small share of it.) It should never be discouraged.

But when people knowingly publish bald-faced lies, the same tolerance should not be extended. And when the sole intent is to do corporate and/or personal damage, dishonesty reaches an even more despicable level, if that’s possible.

The recent claims that our Baidu deal is not the “real deal”- that it is a purchase of referrals etc., an SME deal, is a complete & utter lie. And one that was concocted by somebody, from beginning to end. There was no source. How do I know that? I know because the fabricated assertions have no resemblance whatsoever to the deal. They are lies- nothing more and nothing less.

And they come after repeated predictions that we would never get such a deal. We would not. We could not. So when we did (and got a ton of positive press), the easiest thing is to invent a lie or a series thereof. To diminish any positive impact the deal might have for the Company. To effectively render it a non-deal. Consistent with the original prediction. As quickly as possible. It’s a charming world!

We would never, btw, claim the Baidu deal is something that it is not. It is NOT referring traffic from the Baidu main music search page of It does NOT represent a settlement between the industry & Baidu. But it WILL generate very substantial traffic for us. And we are NOT paying for that privilege. And it IS an important first step towards legal music.

Often, we or perhaps I, deserve criticism. We try to take it on the chin. If it’s deserved, we don’t want to suggest otherwise. Today we were supposed to Launch in Australia. We didn’t. In my book, that is worthy of criticism. A lot of it, actually, because we’ve had delayed launches before. Yes, there have been overwhelming reasons but so what? People have a right to expect us to be reliable. So I apologize. There is no excuse. We should have been on time. We are not. I can only say that in the coming days, we will be out there. In all of our glory. One can only guess what those that wish us badly will say then.

This of course hasn’t been easy road. Perhaps we were far too ambitious. We aimed very high. To have the only global free & legal download licenses in the world. It took us 7 years of obsessive work but we succeeded- where no others have. Perhaps we aimed too high with a Baidu deal. But we also eventually succeeded- where to date no others have. And perhaps we are absurdly cocky in thinking that we can create a far superior music service supported by a uniquely viable ad-model. With partners around the world. But we do & I firmly believe we will.

It has taken 18+ hour days under extreme pressure, 7 days a week. Over years. And my highly talented colleagues have similarly dedicated themselves. We are committed to delivering something truly valuable for shareholders- which is not as selfless as it sounds because of course it includes ourselves. It has taken every ounce of energy & concentration to be able to survive and advance. Challenging, mostly grueling days & nights. But we don’t ever feel sorry for ourselves. We have no right to. We are doing this by choice. And often, enjoying ourselves. But occasionally, we do feeling a searing sense of injustice when lies are concocted to hurt us or impede our progress.

But we will prevail. And none of this matters in the end. What matters is us delivering. That is our sole focus. We have put unparalleled, powerful building blocks in place. Now we are about to activate a unique business incorporating those hard won elements. It has been too long for our shareholders. And us. As to those that will celebrate any hardship we encounter and diminish our achievements, good luck to you. To quote a wise man I once knew: I wish them double what they wish us. Since, they are well motivated, they should have nothing to worry about. I’ve just blessed them.


15 Responses to “The Deal”

  1. Great stuff but perhaps you and your pr department really need to get this out beyond here.
    Best of luck

    • I agree totally. Why can’t someone at Baidu simply say that a deal is in place? Is there a reason? Unfortunately, due to the past, nobody is going to believe our side of the story until they hear it from Baidu!


  2. Agreed. Thanks for the update, but I don’t really understand the lack of PR or sloppy PR. Supposedly this is one the best firms in the business. But the handling of the Baidu was not only lackluster, there is no follow up to all of the blogs and stories ripping the deal to shreds. Of course, we have faith that there is more to the story, but perception is reality to some extent. With that said, good luck with the launch and we’d love to get some more great news…. with some enthusiasm!

  3. shotcallers Says:

    AK, why not get into more detail about what is specifically holding you up. We as investors have seen and been through everything as well. I don’t believe that is a congestion of music issue (the music congestion post on is vague, but covers the company… I understand why you posted). Please address with regards to the Oracle debacle or do you not have the full support of the all the labels. If its a cash issue and thats all it is then investors can be patient while waiting for you to raise capital. If its a technical/oracle or label issue then let us know what we are up against. I know and appreciate that post this blog today in order to connect with the share holders, but its time to really connect with the share holders. We have been patient this long, so you know we are resilient individuals. Trust me, during these tough economic times you understand we can invest our money in other places, but we dont want to you. We all want to see you succeed so we will reap the benefits. Many of us could have sold for profits and still can at this point. We have no interest in doing so. Its about being part of a game changer. That means riding the wild swings along the way. So comeback and post something of true relevance on whats going on. We dont need a pep talk, we need reality check so we can manage our expectations. I can promise you one thing. You will get some serious respect if you start talking to us like we part of the team, not just a bunch simpletons.

  4. Nice, but as your shareholder I want to know 2 things.

    1. Why, specifically and exactly are we delayed?

    2. When, specifically and exactly do you expect to actually launch?

  5. I still believe!!

    Keep running…you’re almost there!

    Thanks for the hard work.


  6. Too little too late. Where’s the launch? You have missed every deadline YOU have ever set on YOURSELF. The time has come to produce a product or at least meet a self imposed deadline.

  7. Why make bold promises of launch dates? Are they not lies? It appears that you knew you wouldn’t have a product for any of the launch dates. Mostly because you have said and done the exact same things in the past. Continuing on this path leads both shareholders and potential end users to disregaurd any positive press. They might even look for more reliable options even if the product or stock they turn to is sub par. My point: I don’t know you and at this point I don’t trust a word you say. Maybe it would be better to just keep quiet until you are sure you can deliver on your promises.

  8. Will the entire roll out schedule be delayed or will there be multiple launches one week? If the entire roll out schedule is going to be delayed, please publish a new schedule.

  9. so why do you say “coming days” and then FT article comes out saying you said “later this month”? ???????????????

  10. Dave,

    I would defend the PR firm handling the Baidu situation. We (Digital Music News) only made very light reference to the IDG article, yet the Qtrax team was calling and emailing us the next morning referencing the IDG correction. So, we changed our ‘downstream’ reference quickly. The IDG report is another matter, though unfortunately these things happen.

    Paul Resnikoff
    Publisher, Digital Music News

  11. The 5th and the 12th are delayed…….

    …..when is the day of QTRAX to launch??

    It’s time to start and to give more informations I think

  12. Jon Povill Says:

    Not to be paranoid, or to suggest paranoia to others, but it occurs to me that there are two potential reasons to suspect the possibility of sabotage of the code for running the site. First, someone who knew the site would fail to operate could stand to gain a fortune shorting the stock and, second, this “enemy” of the project that AK keeps talking about could conceivably have an insider in place to ensure that his predictions of doom continue to come true.

    I certainly have no idea why the sites have failed to launch in Australia and New Zealand on schedule. And management has certainly not done much of a job in keeping us informed. But I do know that there were numerous press releases about the testing of the workings of the site, specifically the “cloud tests” — all of which were reportedly successful. So, if the tests worked, why then wouldn’t the site work as well?

    Sabotaging a single line of code in what I am sure is an incredible volume of coding could result in the failure of the whole site ti work, could it not?

    In the absence of more down to earth explanations from management, imagination takes over. It’s probably just paranoia, but I wonder if AK has ever done background checks on his people…

  13. Alan if you read this board take note, I support your concept and your vision and I am willing to wait a little while longer. The caveat being start acting like you are launching a global service, behave like a real company like the one I bought into almost 9 years ago. And man up and prove to all of your shareholders that you deserve our long standing support. Because from where we are standing, its not looking so good.

  14. What burns my toast is that you say that music ingestion is taking longer than expected (which no-one believes), and to click for details, which leads to a picture of kangaroos playing with records and no details per se.

    Do you specifically NOT want people to take you seriously?

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