A note from the Qtrax Team

We are a little Company. Admittedly about to do a fairly major thing- bring free & legal music downloads to the world. But even before we do, we seem to attract a lot of speculation and attention- some of it probably our fault, some of innocent, some of it not. For the record, let’s sort out the truth from the BS, if we may:

Yes, it is true that we intended having a Press Conference today. And it’s also true, that in the last week, our CEO, became ill with a generally non-life-threatening but quite painful ailment- kidney stones. And it is also true he was admitted to hospital & thankfully is leaving today. So we’ve decided to cancel the conference.

What were we going to say? Pretty simple really. That we were finally launching in January. Are we? Yes. Have we been wrong before? Humiliatingly, yes. Will be wrong this time? No.

Given the turn of events, we’ve also decided, no need for another conference- we’ll just launch. Let the fanfare follow rather than precede.

What are the pre-requisites for launch? Many- but to perhaps overly simplify it, technology and funding. We feel, in our humble opinion, that we are more than right on the technology and recently we’ve proudly raised money and had more committed. So we can finally get out of the gate. During January.

We obviously would have loved to do it before & humiliatingly announced we would- it wasn’t to be.

Finally, it has clearly been a tough year for us- and many others. But we are very pleased that we’ve survived, that our consumer proposition has evolved to be stronger than ever and that we have a host of supportive partners & friends.

We also are occasionally displeased that our teams tireless work in bringing a proposition we believe passionately in, to the world, is blatantly defamed by a very few detractors- some of whom, hide behind curious names on blogs, others are more brazen. They will not stop us from launching something that we think brings value to shareholders, partners & consumers alike. Yes, we have stumbled. Even fallen. But we’ve proceeded. They freely blend fact with fiction for their own purpose. Which is, in simple terms that we should be prevented from succeeding. And if God forbid, they are right about something, they will crow that they are right about their defamatory statements. For example, through a simple piece of detective work, they discovered our CEO was in hospital. They implied that it might be contrived (pretty disgusting but not the worst of what they do) and now they will say- see we were right, so we are right about our defamation. Well, we’ve turned the blind eye for some time to people whose identities we are all too familiar with. But our patience is just about expired.

Despite, any annoyance, we end the year happy & inspired- that in a matter of days, rather than months, we will bring our vision, for monetizing music to the world. As Bob Dylan says: “Everything gonna to be diff’rent, when I paint my masterpiece”. That worries some greatly. Pleases others hugely. Soon you’ll be the judge of what we’ve worked on for years. A good reason to rejoice. Happy Holidays!

– Qtrax Team


20 Responses to “A note from the Qtrax Team”

  1. AK, Glad you are feeling better! Keep up your health. I am looking forward to a successful launch. It has been a tough year for all. You have the ability and the drive to make 2010 a very successful year for all of us. Please keep working hard to make your dream and ours a reality! It’s there for the taking so let’s Get er done!

  2. I BELIEVE IN THE BUSINESS MODEL. A profound move in the music industry. I must note my family is VERY PLEASED to hear from the team and as a small investor we HOPE THE BEST FOR ALLEN. If anyone on this earth can make this work I think it is Allan ! GODS SPEED.

  3. Merry Christmas to the whole Qtrax Team! Enjoy your holiday with family and friends! Thanks for staying together and chasing your dream!
    Looking forward to a Happy New Year for all!


  4. that’s a bunch of lies. You guys just don’t have the balls to admit you lied about a global rollout. I guarantee you won’t be launching in january, because funding committed means dick all. This outfit is shady, and your week revenue model combined with Ak’s lawsuits guarantees that no one will step near this deal with a ten foot pole. When’s the roll back happening?
    I assume when the stock hit .001, you will roll it back.

  5. I know you guys have the potential to deliver a great product. You have demonstarted that in the past with the US preview release which I wish you guys would hae kept running. I honestly am not sure you guys will deliver but I sure do hope so.

  6. Hallo,

    hat er auch gesagt in welchem Jahr sie starten werden bzw. in welchem Land 🙂
    Ich kann echt nur hoffen das er diesesmal endlich recht behält und der Kurs dann nach Jahren der depression endlich steigt !!!

    Allen ein gesunden und frohes Jahr 2010


  7. speedy rush Says:

    Pull it off Allan, flip the switch. In the mean time, happy holiday greetings.

  8. Hallo,

    hat er auch gesagt in welchem Jahr sie nun starten wollen ?
    Ich hoffe ja endlich auch das das Programm läuft und dann endlich der Kurs steigt … was denk ihr darüber

    Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr

  9. Daniel Ruwe Says:

    Hmmm…no set launch date, no press conference…not exactly confidence inspiring. Maybe this whole Qtrax thing is some huge postmodern joke to see how many people can be taken in by a totally imaginary company?

  10. Sorry to hear Allan was in the hospital and I hope for a speedy recovery!

    So when are you launching “this time”? I think a speak for the investors as a whole when I say its time to stand and deliver!

  11. Crystal Ball Cracked Says:

    Please explain to us the “written in stone” thing that was announced earlier. Also, what is different “this time”? Getting difficult to take the mental beating anymore.

  12. Brain Fart Says:

    Curiously no one has commented yet, maybe at a loss for words or something, but surprisingly no comments.

    Looks like this will be a, have to see to believe event.

  13. Dibrapharm Says:

    As shareholder for me the only Question is when in January and where ,means australia or pazifik region or china is Qtrax starting.Just do it!!!

  14. rich schineller Says:

    That Qtrax has survived and made progress over the past year in an environment that to put it mildly has been less than favorable to business is a testament to two factors: the drive and non-stop work ethic of their management team (Allan leads by example and shames even workaholics like myself with his 24/7 output and availability worldwide) and the viability of the Qtrax offering.

    I worked with the company on the launch at Midem in January of ’07 and what detractors fail to mention is that we had the positive attention and interest of the world on that date. It was that interest that lead entities threatened by Qtrax to bring out the long knives that very day to put the screws to us.

    But I am very happy to see that the wounds were non-fatal. In ’07, and even more so today, Qtrax is an offering meeting a very real need. And while detractors will continue to slam the company, I challenge anyone who reads this to use Qtrax when available and judge for yourself. Qtrax supports artists and their label’s directly and is a model whose time has come. Other unnamed music distribution entities have consistently been cutting away at the percentage of revenue allocated to the performer in moves to keep increasing their profits as their hardware sales slacken. Qtrax supports the artist and its eventual launch should be welcomed by anyone who has generated musical IP. Good luck Allan, and best wishes for a speedy recovery..

  15. Mike Miller Says:

    How are things coming….. We would love to see a sign of an impending launch. Good Luck to all this month


  16. cjschrissouth Says:

    hey qtrax. two questions:
    1) when are you launching in Australia?
    2) why is the site currently down?

    Please release soon!

  17. Mike Miller Says:

    Hope all is well, can you update the SH on launch timeline?


  18. What’s wrong with hte qtrax.com web site it is completely down now with a message saying that the page cannot be displayed

  19. Hi QTRAX TEAM…
    …what’s going with our story??
    MIDEM have start….Show the wolrd now that we are nit idiots…now…
    Let’s change the music-history

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