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The Week That Was

Posted in ad supported, Free Music, Music, Music Download, P2P, Qtrax, Qtrax Blog with tags on July 29, 2009 by David

…another note from CEO Allan Klepfisz

Well here I am on another plane- different seat, different airline, different food, same ocean- Pacific that is- but racing back the other way- to the Orient. Didn’t get a chance to unpack my travel bag- literally- or to unwind at all, for that matter. Though it’s been a great number of months since I’ve done that. But it was good to be back in NYC & quite a bit got accomplished. It feels great to be at your office desk not to mention sleeping in your bed for a few hours here & there. But those delights are necessarily fleeting for the moment as there’s so much to be done- after all, we’ve got to get this thing damn well launched. ASAP. It’s excruciating to wait a moment more than necessary. But more on that later.

The highs & lows of our weeks somehow get more extreme. The highs were numerous in this past week: Meeting several industry execs who independently were exceptionally supportive and actually “got it” completely. I think understood clearly how we were going to be radically different to all existing propositions. Not only the first free & legal music download service with major & indie support and global licenses. But also a service getting out to the world and creating marketing relationships with the biggest & best of search, internet & media companies. And understanding how to maximize ad revenues.

And there were the large number of private messages and quite a few blog postings that gave me immense encouragement after my inaugural blog. For which I thank you all, greatly. It isn’t an easy journey, sometimes. Not that I have an inclination (or right for that matter) to complain. And although it has a ton of uplifting moments, it also has those very low moments- brought about by the “usual suspects”: personal poverty, extreme sleep deprivation, broken promises, delays in funding, encounters with dishonesty, ill-intent & greed, etc. But a good word from a good person has a way of making those occasional low moments, vanish instantly. Not that they hang around for long, anyway. But I am absolutely buoyed by those that wish us well in our soon-to-be-a-reality mission. And as for the others- well, of course, my knee-jerk reaction is to tell them to f*** off. But let me rather provide you with a more balanced view of them.

I don’t spend a lot of time reading the blogs on Qtrax. But occasionally I do. Or some understandably irate supporter brings something to my attention. It is at the very least interesting, to be a bystander to an intermittently raging debate, as to whether I am a con-man, crook, thief, liar & cheat or something a bit more noble. I don’t want to list the adjectives that might accompany the bit-more-noble alternative as no doubt they are exaggerated & I would blush. But I hope I don’t offend my supporters when I say that I can understand the sentiments of some of the sincere naysayers. Qtrax has been too damn long in the making. (I am not sure how we could have done it quicker & the impossible does take a bit longer but the criticism is nonetheless valid). And we have had to alter launch dates (& other critical dates) way too many times. (Almost always related to delayed/broken promises in funding [and the big boys delay all the time] but we’ve been wrong, nonetheless). And we have not kept our shareholders as well informed as they have a right to expect & demand- no question about it (We have worked round the clock to build something for them but that’s no substitute). So if you didn’t know me- either personally or via the written word [which I haven’t facilitated until now] you could well conclude that I am any and all of those pejorative terms. And if that is your sincere conclusion, I am the one to blame for not communicating with you better. It is not a completely unreasonable conclusion (although as it happens far from the truth. If however you have some motive in condemning us- like you’re bitter or jealous or a competitor or both, please excuse me for saying: screw you. Now, to be fair, with a couple of notable exceptions, I don’t know whether any particular blogger is one or the other- sincere or disingenuous. So I am not going to condemn anybody. Criticism is good. It’s welcome. And no doubt, it’s often justified. And if we listen, we hopefully will improve. And even if it comes from a twisted, jealous f***, it may contain something truthful from which we can learn. Having said all of that, if somebody is out to destroy us or to even merely impair our progress, we will not take such interference lightly. We welcome the critical. Even the misguided. As long as they don’t try to interfere in us accomplishing our goals on behalf of our many & varied stakeholders.

So back to the week of extremes. As I was saying, among the highs was important industry execs, being very helpfully supportive, . And also great progress in fundraising. A very prestigious brokerage/investment house declaring their intent to raise funds for us & executing a mandate. A public company signing an MOU (when it becomes binding we’ll announce it) to invest in Qtrax Greater China. Very high profile celebrity interest in our launch.

The overriding “low” was continued corporate (& personal) poverty. But God willing, this might be the week (or two), that fixes it for once & for all. In a non-denominational way my fingers are crossed. And I am extremely hopeful. With good reason.

Another “low” of the week is of course the highlighting in the press of our dispute (more like a tiff really) with Oracle. I could say a lot about our version of events. Arguments I happen to think are very compelling. (Including the fact that we paid for all of the existing licenses handsomely and in full under an old contract, moved to a new one for the next 3 years to cater for the global roll-out post-launch but have not utilized ANY additional software since & of course haven’t launched and that consequently for a start up, in this economic environment, we weren’t seeking too much indulgence.) And there’s even some juicier stuff. But because I believe the lawsuit will be withdrawn by week’s end let me rather focus on the fact that I think we have had & will once again forge a great partnership with Oracle.

By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more bad press. Bring it on. I’ll have more to say about that in a blog in the next 24 hours. Nothing new- just the same stuff rehashed. Orchestrated by somebody with a real vendetta against us or more accurately, me. Blames me apparently for the fact that his business (trying to do something similar to us but of course much smarter) never got off the ground. It’s amazing how as you get closer to the finish line the jealous become more jealous and the badly intended, more so.

Now, I cannot sign off without a discussion of our launch date. So are we going to set a launch date? Well, I said in the last blog that we will do so when the money is deposited. And I thought it would happen by now. I was wrong. It is not yet deposited. But it is scintillatingly close. So stand by. We will be announcing that FINAL, IMMUTABLE launch date very soon.